A. Combine the given sentences into one sentence that contain parallel structure

1. Mary is opening the door and greeting her guests 
2. Mary is kind,generous and trustworthy
3. I like coffee but I don’t like tea 
4. I have met her mother but haven’t met her father 
5. I should have finished my homework and cleaned my room 
6. He decided to quit school,to go to California and find a job
7. He enjoys reading novel and watching tv  in his spare time  

B. Combine the following into sentences that contain parallel structure. Use appropriate paired conjunction

8. Either we could fly or take the train
9. You not only can have tea but also can have coffee
10.Not only Arthur but also Ricardo is absent
11.Both Nico and his brother doesn’t understand English 
12.Neither Bob nor Alex in class today 
13.Either Ron nor Bob enjoys horseback riding 
14.According to the news report, either will snow tonight or rain tonight
15.Neither the library nor the bookstore doesn’t have the book I need


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