Credit Card Consumer Behavior

Some people, or maybe you now have 4 credit cards or even more. Wonderful, because not everyone is able to get credit cards that much. Sure it takes a little extra management to organize or manage payment. Different overdue times sometimes makes sure to pay and don’t feel next Bill already saddled fine delay. Especially if this event frequently occurs, then inevitably the of every month We pay these ‘ forgetfulness ‘, it could be big enough to forget the fare should not need to happen. If a thick wallet may do nothing, but if the patchy here and there.


Well control or management of the less well than the credit card holder can be due to several things, among others:

Consumer behavior of consumer credit cards to credit cards so the source of excessive shopping lust fulfillment, forget if money alone were the ‘ Holey ‘.

Has the amount of excessive credit card, to the excess of income or financial ability.

Yet to understand the costs that will be incurred

The credit card holder to impose requirements that would be appropriate, but yet remain eager to have this card ‘ debt ‘

The use of ideal or positive from a credit card


A credit card is one of the means of payment, so used with posisitf sure the result is positive, and vice versa.

Use credit cards wisely, will benefit its users, even other parties also enjoy benefits, such as a bank, credit card issuer, the merchant and the credit card holder.


For the consumer or user of a credit card, a credit card can be used to help an urgent payment or incidental. Pembayarannyapun can be made more practical and safer when compared to carrying a bundle of cash for shopping. It can also be used to shop at a discounted price if there is a special offer from bank issuer of credit cards.


The bank will acquire charges of 2%-3% of the merchant, in addition to annual membership and interest rate if the credit card holder only pays the minimum payment, usually amounting to 10% of the total bill, and also to increase the number of potential clients of the bank and as a form of banking services to the customer, from the merchant to the customer shop and sales increasing.

Comment : Well please use credit card suits your needs as it should and should not use a credit card to meet your needs

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