Relationship Of Consumer Behaviour, Segmentation, Targeting, And Positioning

Consumer behavior becomes input for marketers to develop marketing strategies, a firm must have a marketing strategy that is capable of influencing consumers who became the target of marketnya, so that the determination of market segmentation, target market selection, and then positioning the guidelines from the marketing mix strategy becomes important to note.

In the process of marketing, segmentation does not stand alone. Kotler stated that segmentation is unity with targeting and positioning. This relationship as Kotler abbreviate STP (Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning). This process is part of the creation and delivery of value to consumers

The word “value” gives its own meaning that give pleasure for the consumer because you received good service, price, image of a strong, timely delivery, then the actions of manufacturers choose the value through selection of segmentation, targeting, positoning (STP). Furthermore the values developed with more concrete in the form of marketing mix.

Comment : Form of marketing mix very broadly includes pendisainan products, find suppliers, pricing, distribution, and sales promotion.

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