Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. Theresia and I … baking sponge cakes at this time yesterday

a. were

b. was

2. Whether to buy or rent a house … an important financial question.

a. are

b. is

3. … Yusniar or her co-workers sleep at work?

a. does

b. do

4. Physics … been my favorite subject since I was 15 years old.

a. has

b. have

5. Mumps usually … through saliva.

a. spread

b. spreads

6. My shears … sharp enough.

a. aren’t

b. isn’t

7. Eighty percentage of his furniture … old.

a. are

b. is

8. There … many ways to say “thank you”.

a. are

b. is

9. One of her cats … like tuna.

a. doesn’t

b. don’t

10. The central office manager, along with his two assistant, … left the room.

a. has

b. have


Error Analisis

  1. me and my friends (is/are*) at Soekarno Hatta airport.
  2. we (is/are*) waiting for an announcement board to take off
  3. while on the fly one of my friends (got*/get) drunk on the air
  4. Finally we arrived (on/at*) changi airport
  5. Then we (visit/visited*) merlion and took photos
  6. we (spend/spending*) vacation in four days and three nights at the weekend
  7. we arrived (in*/at) jakarta im sunday night
  8. we planning to (spend*/spending) next weekend at dufan
  9. on the way to dufan we (got*/get) trafickjam in the morning
  10. finnaly we (arrive/arrived*) at dufan and the weather is too hot
  11. and then we (start/started*) to (play/played*) spacecrafts
  12. we (begin*/began) feel tired and we decided to (go*/goes) home
  13. on the next day we back to the our (activity/activities*)
  14. We (is/are*) not satisfied with a holiday yesterday
  15. It (felt/feels*) like to continue to vacation again



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