Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 : Error Analis If Conditional

Nama             : Reza Firdaus

Kelas              : 4EA14

NPM               : 16212199

Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2



  1. If you a free time, we must meet with the others
  2. I will like to stay, if your parents give the permission
  3. There is a secret tree houase around here
  4. Last night I go to the move theater with brother
  5. If john can’t arrive here son, then Ben will left him alone
  6. If I had a trip to go for london, I hope I could go with my best friends
  7. If I learn English well, I can get better grade
  8. If there was one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop
  9. If you cant explain it simply, you didn’t understand well enough
  10. If you want to pass the exam, you had to study harder
  11. As a member society, I am supposed to handle the others kindly
  12. When you visit place market’s, you have to buy something that you’ve never tasted
  13. A thief break the glassed wall with a baseball bat
  14. You can take her up at 05:00 pm
  15. My father had been passed about 3 years ago
  16. If I was an architect, I must have to designing a house for my mom
  17. When I have a lot the money, I will travel around the world
  18. I will find a job when I had graduate
  19. If someday I become a father, I will like to had a son
  20. If my father more alive, I will not live as difficult as it/this
  21. Rafy loose his cell phone on the bus when he was in the way home
  22. In my mother’s birthday, I give her a special gift
  23. If I did not put off college, maybe I’ve got a college degree now.
  24. You see things just as they were and this don’t make you a pessimist
  25. People with a high musical intelligence normally had good pitch and likely even have absolute pitch, and were able to sing

The Right Answers :

  1. Should
  2. Would
  3. Was
  4. Went to
  5. Could not / couldn’t
  6. Wish
  7. Could
  8. Is
  9. Don’t
  10. Have
  11. Treat
  12. Need to
  13. Broke
  14. Pick
  15. Gone
  16. Should
  17. Of
  18. Looking for, have
  19. Would, have
  20. Still, would not
  21. Lost
  22. Gave
  23. Do not
  24. Are, doesn’t
  25. Have, may, are

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